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Q&A with Newcastle Athletic Director Todd Goolsby – Presented by Ardor Solutions

VYPE: Where did you get your start coaching and where did you originally graduate from?

Todd: Jarman Junior High School/Del City High School

VYPE: What is the message to the athletes at Newcastle under your guidance and leadership?

Todd: Attitude is Everything!!

VYPE: Do you have a coaching/teaching mentor? Someone you have looked up to or call on for advice?

Todd: Too many to name. I’ve been blessed to have a number of mentor’s I lean on for advice and guidance.

VYPE: Let me throw a few fun questions at you so everyone can get to know you a little better. Where is your favorite place for lunch or dinner if you’re eating out?

Todd: Casa Juanito in Del City

VYPE: Do you have any hobbies?

Todd: No particular hobby

VYPE: Favorite sports team from the college or pro ranks?

Todd: Oklahoma State Wrestling

VYPE: Your favorite sports movie?

Todd: Hoosiers

VYPE: First concert you attended?

Todd: George Strait

VYPE: Have you ever visited another country? If so, where?

Todd: No

VYPE: Tell me what you have come to love most about Newcastle, your athletes and where is the future of the program headed?

Todd: The energy and passion amongst those in a leadership role to make a difference. I have appreciated kids enjoying life and having fun with their friends. Newcastle Athletics is moving forward in a positive way!!

VYPE: Who gets a big shoutout from AD Goolsby?

Todd: Anyone dedicated to making a difference in the life of a child.

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